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Eye-Sys Overview

Eye-Sys® is a visualization application founded on a simple idea: gather data from a wide variety of sources and use that data to control a virtually unlimited array of user-created visualization systems.

From that defining concept comes an elegant mechanic for visualization creation, a tool that makes data visualization accessible to novices while it gives experts a comprehensive new set of features and options.

In Eye-Sys, all tasks are accomplished by adding the appropriate object to the system and linking it to other objects as necessary. Need to load data from an ASCII text file? Add a Text File object and use it to load the file. Need to draw a box? Add a Box object. Need to change the color of the box based on data in the text file? Link data from the Text File object to the color of the Box object. The process continues in this manner until the visualization goals are met.

There is no conceptual limit to how many objects can be in a visualization system nor are there any limits to how they are linked together. This flexibility means Eye-Sys can be used in an extremely wide variety of applications. In fact, Eye-Sys has no domain specific knowledge built in; rather, users apply their domain specific knowledge when adding and linking objects to create an appropriate visualization system.


Object Types

Eye-Sys ships with a comprehensive array of objects spanning the four distinct categories listed below. The Eye-Sys SDK can be used to create new objects of any of these types.


Core Features

Eye-Sys visualization software lets you gather data from a wide variety of sources and use that data to control a virtually unlimited array of user-created visualization systems.

Core features of the application such as Javascript based scripting, a thorough COM interface, and XML based project files combined with the wide array of functionality provided by the available objects allow Eye-Sys to excel in these six areas:


System Requirements

Because Eye-Sys is a visualization system, a good video card, such as an NVIDIA GeForce 5XXX, ATI Radeon 9600 or better, is strongly recommended.

Systems employing integrated graphics may experience some compliance issues.


Microsoft® Windows® XP or Vista, 32 and 64-bit

Disk Space

165 MB


More Info

Like any product with a "simple rules, unlimited possibilities" philosophy, a particular Eye-Sys end result may seem intimidating and complex or, even worse, may appear to be the only thing Eye-Sys can do. Please visit our “Case Studies” section for background information on many of the demonstration systems in our gallery and elsewhere on this website. The case studies highlight the data sources used to create the system and provide a glimpse into the design process.

A free evaluation of the application (including many of the demo systems) is available for a closer look at how Eye-Sys is used to create compelling visualization systems.

Go here for licensing details.