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Elegant Building Block Approach ›   Visualize a wide variety of data by simply linking together an extensive array of objects in a sandbox environment.

Revolutionary Interoperability ›  Use the extensive COM interface to make Eye-Sys work with other applications in your toolset.

Cost Effective ›  No special training or expertise required to use Eye-Sys. Team members can easily visualize, analyze, and present data that spans multiple disciplines � all in a single application.

Extensive Customization ›  Write your own objects in any of four categories (data input, data manipulation, object rendering, and display windows) using the Eye-Sys SDK; control all aspects of the application using comprehensive scripting capabilities.

Complexity in Real-Time ›  Developed by a company with years of success creating some of the video game industry�s most respected tools, Eye-Sys facilitates the visualization & animation of complex systems at high frame rates.